How to create Gifs online?

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Gifs are animated images available on the web in the form of stickers. They are used for illustration purposes or during chat conversations. Discover their methods of creation here.

Creating GIFs on sites

Some sites offer you lists of tasks to perform to achieve the creation of a moving image. In the majority of cases, these are series of associated images that make it possible to obtain a sort of mini-video. Images should be taken in burst mode without the subject changing position. You can use your phone or camera for these shots. 

Create GIFs from certain applications

The second method of creating GIFs is based more on applications. There are indeed a multitude of tools available online to allow Internet users to create GIFs at will. 


Giphy offers a multitude of GIFs to its users. There are thousands of animated images that you will find on this site and classified into different categories to make the task easier. Likewise, an option is provided for creation from a series of processes. 

GIF Maker

Gif Maker is an application for making GIFs in record time. You can add many images without worrying about the resolution change. Only you only have to choose the one-speed mode. 

GIF creator

As its name suggests, Gif Creator helps you create GIFs on the internet. This is the easiest option which gives you the flexibility to choose different speeds for each animation. 

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