How to optimize your mobile email marketing?

mobile email marketing

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You may have created your email marketing campaign for PCs and mobile devices. Maybe your email marketing campaign already looks great on a mobile, but what happens when the subscriber clicks a link in your email? Where does your subscriber end up?

If your mobile site does not have a homepage, SparkPage is an application that allows you to create mobile homepages. Of course, there are others. You can build each page in just a few minutes using it to provide details about a special offer. Take advantage of Google Analytics for mobile, which allows you to track your mobile users when they visit your landing page (s). It will allow you to find the pitfalls, the bottlenecks and improve your conversion rates.

Good E-mail Templates:

You’ll want to have access to good email templates. Be sure to test the templates you are going to use as many emails do not display properly on mobile devices. For example, some models provide text that is too small or too large. It will destroy your commitment to your subscribers. Your best bet is to look for models that are designed for cell phones, then you won’t have to worry about any issues.

Mobile CTA tracking

CTA tracking is what you need now that your campaigns for mobile devices are over. You can track the goals of your mobile campaigns. You want to promote your new app to your users. You can create a unique URL for your email campaign and track mobile installs generated by an app like You will also want to promote your new app to your users and the best way to do that is to send an email to their smartphone. You can use a tool like LogMyCalls to track the number of calls generated by your email marketing.

Tools designed for mobile device

The main thing to remember and focus on when working on optimizing your email marketing campaign for mobile devices is to use tools designed for mobile devices. This will save you a lot of hassle. Mobile email marketing is a very important tool for today’s consumers. Email marketing should no longer focus solely on desktop email clients.

If you want to maximize the value of your email marketing campaign, you need to focus on mobile devices. In fact, focus on the mobile side of your email marketing and you’ll be maximizing your sales. What should you test in your email campaign?

Mobile marketing

Did you know that there are elements of your emails that you can test in your email campaigns?
It is very important to test your emails to reduce the number of people who unsubscribe and increase your click-through rate. Your goal is to figure out which elements of your email need to be changed if you want better results.

# 1. The name and address of the sender

You can easily test who and where your emails are coming from. It is important that the name and address remain consistent in all of your emails. Test by sending yourself a few emails to make sure you’re having the impact you want.

# 2 Object

It is a very important part of your email. You should test the following to make sure they are the way you want them and work the way you want:

  • Adding a custom message in the subject line
  • The length of the subject line
  • Call to action
  • The words you use in the subject line

# 3 Email Design

It’s a good idea to have a main template that you use all the time. It’s okay to have slight variations, but you don’t want big differences because you’re looking to create familiarity and at the same time impact. You’ll want to evaluate your model periodically to make sure it’s still working, and if it doesn’t, you’ll need to make some changes. The design elements you can test are as follows:

  • Capitalization
  • Fat
  • Font-size
  • Images
  • Font colors
  • HTM vs. plain text

# 4 Email content

It’s a good idea to test the content of your email. After all, you need to make sure that you create the answer that you are looking for. You can test the following:

Titles – As this is the first thing you see, it should always be consistent with your subject matter. You can try it out here. Maybe make a link? Make it bold? Etc. but you have to test what works.
Placement of your content – Try to move your content to different areas of your email. Remember that the most important content should be at the beginning.
Call to Action – This is very important! This is what creates the environment for your subscriber to take further action, so you should test to make sure you’re getting the click-through rate you want.
Placement of links and images – Both are correct in your email but don’t overdo it, and make sure your images are small enough that they load quickly.

# 5 Timing

Finally, check your timing. Check if emails are being sent at an efficient time. You can time stamp your emails to know when they are retrieved after you send them. What you want to test in your email marketing campaign may vary from person to person, but the important thing is that you do it and do it according to a policy.

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