Huawei places innovation at the center of its strategy

Huawei mobile company

The Huawei company always wants to innovate a little more to stand out and highlight all its skills. It also has the will to demonstrate great transparency, it should regularly propose all the projects that have come to fruition. Compared to the 5G standard, you should know that this company, according to the published white paper, has been a big contributor. 

Many patents are owned by Huawei

Over the years, this electronics and high-tech giant has not stopped innovating in order to offer high quality products that can meet all expectations. According to information shared by Mr. Ding, it is still 1.3 billion US dollars in revenue that has been generated by patents since 2019. 

  • In relation to the demand for patents, you should know that the company is very well positioned and it ranks second on the podium in Europe.
  • Huawei is in 10th place for the United States, but it is very present on Chinese soil. He is the biggest holder in this country.
  • The director of the intellectual property rights department namely Mr. Ding, Huawei wishes to persevere in this innovation.

It is for this reason that the white paper was proposed, it allows to highlight the know-how of the company which is not in a position to stop. At the end of 2020, the company had more than 100,000 active patents and around 40,000 patent families have been created worldwide. 

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